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April 1994: Ridley Scott is so mean to my mom on the set of a commercial shoot that she decides to quit the biz and have a baby. But the spirit of Ridley Scott looms large, and her son is now cursed to love movies and filmmaking 'til the end of days!!

Hi, I'm Kevin Alters, native New Yorker and storyboard artist living in Burbank, CA. I studied Character Animation at the CalArts' school of Film/Video, where I made animated short films about sad bees and little me's. I specialize in storyboard acting and telling meaningful stories that put character front-and-center.


Currently, I am a storyboard revisionist on 'King of the Hill' at 20th Century. In my free time, I like collecting/watching old VHS tapes, learning about Ancient Rome (I've seen the memes don't worry), and being an all-around silly guy.

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